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Committee for Children

Committee for Children has been a longstanding force in the education world for over 40 years. What started as a small nonprofit has evolved into a research based organization creating curriculum programs for millions of children and educators worldwide. The core of Committee for Children is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), with an emphasis on Pre-Kindergarten age children up to 8th grade. The entire lineup of products has been updated and converted to a digital-first model supported by a custom platform. Beyond SEL for kids, programs also include SEL for Adults, Bullying Prevention, Child Protection, and Out-of-School Time.


Since I started with Committee for Children, I have been responsible for UX/UI work for all digital programs with an emphasis on design systems and brand implementation. The Platform was launched in the fall of 2020, and created to support all program content digitally. What is pictured below is the Dashboard experience, where educators and staff can access any program and other features like reports, support articles, and more.



For every unique program on CFC's platform, there is an independent brand and unique UI theme. The most recent addition, SEL for Adults, was launched in 2021 in response to widespread educator burnout. We started entirely from scratch, creating a new course model and visual language. The core UX team included two designers other than myself, with the UX phases of the project being a collaborative effort, and the UI design being my responsibility. 

Extended case study coming soon.



Mind Yeti is a product created to bring mindfulness to kids and their adults. This was the first project that I worked on when I joined Committee for Children, and is currently on hold to prioritize the release of SEL programs. With the pandemic in full swing the need for this content is clear, so you can listen to Mind Yeti sessions for free on Spotify here

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